A youngster who is recovering from years of abuse and neglect may find it particularly challenging to learn how to adapt to life as a rescue dog. Fortunately, love can go a long way! You only need to ask Lumi, a lovely beagle girl who was rescued from a lab and given a life of freedom.

She is currently looking for her forever home after being saved by the wonderful people at @beaglefreedom. Given how quickly she came to trust her foster parents, we have no doubt that she will find it soon. We will support her every step of the way.

@beaglefreedom Although people have neglected Lumi her whole life, she overcame her fear of people the moment she experienced a gentle touch. Lumi’s favorite thing is being petted and being by your side! She will need another dog in the home and absolutely loves people! #adoptmepet #dogadoption #adoptadog #adoptabeagle #beagles #animaltestingneedstostop #animaltestingsurvivor #becrueltyfree #beaglefreedomproject #freedomwalk ♬ Meet You There (Instrumental) – The Young Ebenezers


I just adore beagles, remarked commenter @abbierich17. Lumi deserves the entire world, and my baby beagle is my entire world. Despite all that this darling kid has already endured, she is still as sweet as can be. We are aware that we are not the only ones who want to spoil her for the rest of her life!

She is perfect, as @Kellarwhale gushed, and we couldn’t agree more. Anyone who wants to adopt her should submit an application right away! When her new owner gets to take her home, they will be the happiest person in all of Southern California. Simply fill out an application located on our website, as directed by the Beagle Freedom Project, to submit your application.

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