Isn’t it comforting to watch adorable dog videos after a long day of work? Well, we already did you a favor and listed down 4 of the most subscribed and most behaved celebrity dogs’ Youtube channels. These platforms showcase varied content, such as charming canine moments, training sessions, and tricks presentations. You can thank us later.


1. JustJesse197 by Heather Brook

This Youtube channel is the home of the (arguably) world’s smartest dog. Jesse is a Jack Russell Terrier who gained popularity when he went viral because of Heather Brook’s “useful dog tricks” videos. JustJesse17 chronicles Jesse and Heather’s wonderful adventures and lends viewers a chance to observe how a well-trained dog behaves.

What people say about Jesse:

  • “I’ve watched his videos a hundred times, and I laugh and smile and feel great about life every single time.”
  • “So smart and cute! Let him audition as a dog actor. He can become a movie star!”

What you’ll enjoy:

  • Day to day life of Jesse and Heather
  • Jesse’s adorable personality and awe-inspiring zest for life
  • Amazing trick videos
  • Studio dog work



2. BrightDog Academy by Alex Antoniazzi

With over a decade of experience as a dog trainer under his belt, Alex Antoniazzi is a reliable source of canine information. Through Brightdog Academy, he teaches pet parents how to train their dogs using only science-based training methods. Alex does not encourage outdated and harsh disciplinary practices that involve shock collars, clickers, and choke chains.

What people say about Alex and his dogs:

  • “Thank you for your organized and clear-headed presentation style, Alex! And all the empathy toward the pups is palpable in your video.”
  • “I love that this trainer emphasizes leaving a puppy/dog in a crate is unacceptable. No one should be getting a puppy to stick it in a crate for any length of time while they go off to work.”

What you’ll enjoy:

  • Over 150 dog training videos
  • Proactive engagement among his subscribers
  • Personal advice about training your dog thru the BrightDog Academy website



3. Kikopup by Emily Larlham

According to her subscribers, Emily Larlham, who owns Kikopup, is a trainer worth listening to. Her channel features her little pup, Epic, and an array of training sessions that do not use physical or psychological intimidation. She is an advocate of positive reinforcement training whereby a dog is rewarded for his efforts not punished for not trying. When she’s not producing Youtube videos, Emily conducts conferences and seminars for fellow trainers all over the world.

What people say about Epic:

  • “Such a great channel. I binge-watch whenever possible. Epic is soooo epic!”
  • “Epic is very entertaining to watch. Thanks for bringing us joy.”

What you’ll enjoy:

  • Her instructions are very easy to understand
  • A kind and gentle approach to training



4. Dog Training Revolution by Zak George 

This list won’t be complete without the most followed celebrity dog trainer on Youtube. With over 3 million subscribers, Zak George’s channel is an excellent place to start learning for new fur parents. Join Zak and his Border Collie puppy, Inertia, on daily training videos that always come with easy-to-follow information.

What people say about Inertia:

  • “This is by far the cutest dog I’ve seen on Youtube!”

What you’ll enjoy:

  • The length of each video is just perfect.
  • Concise and clear graphics
  • Zak’s funny and charming personality (well, he’s a professional TV anchor/host!)



Make sure to subscribe to these channels or check our other articles to learn a thing or two from famous people and their celebrity dogs. They will surely give you a good laugh and a source of inspiration.

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