When we think of stealing, it would always lead to punishment. But how would you feel if this hungry dog stole from a supermarket?

This adorable dog is really a thief, after taking food from the grocery, this dog also stole the hearts of thousands of people after seeing the video.

This incident happened in America and the camera recording traveled around the world. We can see in the video that a black dog enters the supermarket and quietly proceeded to one of the shelves. It starts sniffing with the goods to find something that will satisfy him/her.

He found something palatable and immediately took a food package by its mouth. He calmly walks to the exit as if nothing happened.

The dog acted normally and even one personnel ignore him/her. After realizing the pup passed by her side with food in its mouth, the personnel paced back and forth realizing it was too late.

The canine hurriedly runs outside the store and goes his way in silence. The talent of this dog was then highlighted in the Paper House Series and gained empathy from the internet users.

It was really an adorable thief and a funny incident. Stealing food is not okay but can you ask for sanction for the dog?  It seems that the saying “for every rule, there is an exception” is true.

Witness the supermarket footage here:

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