On a hot, sunny day at the park, it’s wonderful to cool off with some ice cream. And now your dog can enjoy a tasty treat as well.

Ice CreamPups founder Lori Gabay stated, “I learned this is not actually beneficial for them when I was having ice cream one day with my dog and I was handing some down to her.”



Gabay then had the notion to start her firm, Ice CreamPups, which produces vegan ice cream for dogs.

At Van Nuys’ Sepulveda Basin Dog Park, Gabay sells the frozen treat every Sunday.


“This is a secure approach for a dog to receive a reward without experiencing tummy discomfort from it,”Gabay stated.

The Ice CreamPups, according to Gabay, contains only four ingredients that are safe for dogs to eat and are non-dairy.



The ingredients are coconut milk, coconut cream, and a stabilizer that must be both vegan and dairy-free, according to Gabay. And everything I wish to add to the ice cream is organic, including the peanut butter, which is made just of peanuts, the organic blueberries, organic strawberries, organic carrots, and any flavor I decide to add.

Dog owner Stacy Ramirez expressed her satisfaction that the ice cream was vegan. “You don’t want to give them something that’s not genuinely healthy for them because you never really know what’s in a dairy product that can upset their stomach,” she said.



Dog owners have a choice of three flavors for the upcoming fall season: boo berry, vampire peanut blood-der, or sweet potato and cinnamon monster mash.

Dog owner Kaitlyn Bunch stated, “As soon as it came out, she immediately started eating the whole small thing, and she liked the flavors and ate it like nothing.”


Gabay claims she has frequented the dog park for the past 1.5 years and will do so going forward in order to cheer up the dogs and their owners.

Gabay said, “When I’m working on this, I forget about everything else in life; it’s just fun and a feel-good project for me.


Source: abc7

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