If you haven’t gotten into the wonderful world of dog sports, aka agility competitions, then you’re missing out on a lot because these shows are fantastic to watch. Well-trained dogs doing tricks and hopping through obstacles are the best part about these competitions, but it also shows us that no matter what, dogs will be dogs

Here are some of the funny and adorable moments in dog agility competitions.

Kratu Stealer of Hearts…and Poles!


Now dogs can be surprisingly obedient but sometimes dogs will just be dogs and no amount of training can change that. Enter Kratu, a rescue dog that audiences worldwide were introduced to in 2020, participating in the 2020 Crufts Agility competition, Kratu stole the hearts of many people watching because, apart from his hilarious performance through the obstacles, Kratu decided to steal a pole! Giving us this adorable shot for us to remember. You can watch Kratu’s amazing performance here.

Fame & Lobo

Lobo_Dog Sports

Nothing shows you the beautiful, mesmerizing, and adorable dichotomy of dogs in agility competitions like the difference between Fame and Lobo. Fame made for an amazing performance with his commendable speed, precision, and overall agility; just watching this border collie soar through the field was magical, but Lobo caught our hearts as well. Lobo decided it would be fun to just take the obstacles slowly, have fun with them, and just avoid some obstacles altogether. He’s a little confused but he’s got spirit, and that’s the important part. Check out their show here.

Crowd Pleaser Olly

Olly_Dog Sports

One of my favorite parts of watching dog agility competitions is how the commentators deliver the commentary. They can go from calm and analytical to cooing and aw-ing at the cute furry animals trying their best on a dime, and one of the best moments of this recently is with an adorable Jack Russell named Olly. 

Olly is a rescue dog with a lot of heart, they seem to try their best, and often do what they can to just have fun with the course. Olly would just go off course faster than you can say “bark” and before you know it, they’re not even trying anymore, and we just love to see it. The crowd surely does. His performance just shows you how relaxing and adorable the whole thing is. You can check out his recent performance here and highlights of his older dog sports competitions here.