Do you recall the little Yorkshire Terrier that loved his dad’s McDonald’s fries so much? Yes, the same Yorkie who enjoys food and gained notoriety for that video a few months ago is back at it. In the video posted by @jnjcreations, he is this time defending an entire Cactus Plant Flea Market Happy Meal box, and TikTok is adoring it.

Obviously, so are we! We are so in love with this spunky pooch, but we are also a little peckish right now.

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LMAO! We’re not shocked that this young boy’s love of eating has made him popular once more. It’s funny as hell and relatable all at once! Look at the comments if you still don’t trust us.

He is spicy, according to watcher @susuri02. Even hotter than the spicy nuggets at McDonald’s! Even though he’s a little wilder than the average user, we assume that’s why TikTok loves him so much. I owned a Yorkie for twelve years, said @ddwill3. It’s extremely funny how you may be terrified of their tiny growl, LOL. To put it mildly, this guy’s bark is considerably louder than his bite, yet we’d still be scared to hear him start yapping like this!


He doesn’t play about his McDonald’s food, and why would he?, concurred @Trixie112019. These hard-to-find, limited-edition Cactus Plant Flea Market Happy Meals have mouthwatering food within. He probably has never been so excited about Friday (or should we say Fry-day)!


Source: Pethelpful

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