Even the dogs with the lowest appetites can be seduced by treats, just ask Koda. During his final “gotcha day” celebration, this comical Siberian Husky decided to spoil himself, and Instagram can’t get enough. All day long, we could watch this repeatedly!

On his last gotcha day, @koda the colorado husky shared this hilarious video, which has now received over 2 million views.


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LMAO! Koda’s tumultuous moment has everyone in the room laughing so hard that they are on the verge of tears. After this video went viral, he undoubtedly gained a lot of new followers.

“He said, ‘hold on who’s birthday is it? Why do I get the small piece?'” as commented by viewer @breneman72. Although that reasoning is solid, we believe Koda made up his decision as soon as he saw the two parts.


@ohzander agreed, “He said the slice of cake is too small for him.” He needs his snacks since, after all, he is a growing lad. It is just the icing on the cake that the snack he is holding is such a treat.

We appreciate that his paw parents intervened to prevent him from biting off more than he bites. “The general panic when he goes for the bigger piece lol,” said commenter @nayatribe. We think a lot of pet owners can relate to this!


Source: Pet Helpful

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