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May 31, 2021by admin

Beagles are widely known for their playful, loving, and gentle nature — and for that reason, they continue to be one of the most loved breeds in the United States. I mean, how can you not love a creature as adorable and as loyal as a beagle? Like any other pooch, however, beagles have their own set of interesting facts. Welcome to ILMDSM’s Weird Facts About Dogs: Beagle Edition!


Quick disclaimer: Beagles make the greatest family pets, so there’s absolutely no reason for a potential dog parent to be weirded out when they decide to get their own! These facts are funny and charming at the same time: they’ll certainly make you adore beagles even more!


weird facts about dogs beagle


Beagles were originally hunting dogs.


While we don’t exactly know how the beagle breed came about, we know that they were bred in the 1830s to help British hunters hunt deer. Some canine historians mentioned that they were a cross-breed between the St.Hubert hound/Talbot hounds and greyhounds, and this genetic mix gave them extraordinary stamina and olfactory skills.


The modern-day beagle we know and love may have a small frame, but they’re actually the best at hunting small game like hare and rabbits! It may not be weird, but it’s awesome!


Beagles can change their voices…in three different ways!


A dog that’s able to vocalize in three different ways, isn’t that the coolest? Well, beagles have throats that produce a fuller and louder sound, allowing them to vocalize like absolute pop stars! They can do a normal doggo bark, a “bay” (barking with a high pitch that they use for hunting), and a loud howl. Beagle enthusiasts specifically noted that baying has a “throaty” yodeling sound to it since they are trying to alert other dogs that they’ve found a scent.


facts about dogs beagle howl


After all, the name beagle was said to come from the French word “begeule,” which means open throat. They certainly have their vocal cords opened right there!


Beagles catch foxes in packs.


Since beagles naturally have small legs, they were originally bred to hunt foxes in groups. All they would need to do is keep themselves low on the ground, look for a scent, and voila. Fox caught.


Beagles have 220 million scent receptors, which make them one of the best (if not the best) hunting dogs out there. We bet they’d even be able to smell your dog desserts in the kitchen!


All beagles have a white-tipped tail.


If you have your own beagle or have at least seen a photo of a beagle pup on the Internet, you would notice that all their tails have a white tip! This might seem insignificant to modern-day dog parents like us, but their tail colors actually had a purpose back then. Beagles have white-tipped tails to make them easily visible when they hunt with their noses on the ground! They were purposely bred by hunters this way, and the tail color remains until present times.


beagle white tipped tail


While beagles are not necessarily used for hunting these days, breeding dogs with visible white-tipped tails do sound like a smart move.


There may be other weird facts about dogs out there, but these four cool things make the beagle a cooler pup to have at home. They’re great hunters, can vocalize in three different ways, plus they’re super cute and loyal. If you were second-guessing about whether to adopt a beagle pup, now is the time to do so!

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