A concerned puppy was running back and forth across a Texas highway by itself while gazing into passing motorists’ windows. The dog, afterwards known as Winnie, must have known that things were bad for both her and her impending litter of puppies.

Fortunately, Erica Wilson passed that day.


“[I] saw this black thing in my peripheral to my left, right along the road,” Wilson told The Dodo. “I looked over, and thought, ‘This is not happening … that is not a dog on the loose about to run onto the highway.’”

Wilson knew what she had to do.



“I jumped out and ran in the middle of the road,” Wilson said. “I called to her, and she ran right over, whining and crying.”

It began to rain while the two waited on the side of the road for assistance. When he saw them, a nice stranger offered them a poncho. They were soon cuddling and attempting to remain dry.



“Winnie was so trusting,” Wilson said. “She just let me put [the poncho] over both of us like we were meant to be hanging out together on the side of the road, in the rain, sharing a poncho.”

Wilson posted a video of Winnie’s rescue story right here:


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Wilson was astounded by Winnie’s pregnancy and worried that she could give birth. She took Winnie to the doctor, then requested assistance and guidance from Border Collie Rescue & Rehab. Wilson thought she could handle anything that came her way since she had assistance from professionals on her side.

Wilson took Winnie home to relax after the vet said the babies would arrive shortly but not immediately. The gregarious dog was overjoyed to have so many new mates to spend out with in the two weeks that followed.


“When people came over to meet her, she was in heaven,” Wilson said. “No running to hide for this girl, she wants to be in the dead center getting pets and loving affirmations.”

Finally, the puppies arrived, and Wilson was awestruck as she watched them enter the world.



“It was one of the best nights of my life, experiencing something so beautiful and magical,” Wilson said.

Winnie quickly adapted to life as a mom. She loves doting on her puppies every day and night.


“Winnie is an amazing momma,” Wilson said. “She still loves to clean and tend to them. I could cry just thinking about her love for her puppies.”

Winnie and her puppies will remain together for the first eight weeks after birth, after which they will move into foster homes run by Border Collie Rescue & Rehab until they are adopted by their forever families.


She came by that day, and Wilson is so happy she did. She might not have been able to assist if she hadn’t made the spontaneous decision to go to the drugstore. Wilson, Winnie, and the puppies were fortunate that fate was on their side.


Source: The Dodo



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