cat and dog teach girl to sleep

Clever Dog & Cat Duo Teach Little Girl “Go To Bed” So They Can Tuck Her In

May 19, 2022

Penny is an adorable little girl who loves her pets, Raven and Woodhouse. The trio has been inseparable from the time Penny was a little infant, as the dog and cat watch over the child as if she was their own. The most amazing part of the trio’s relationship is the tight bond they have…

soldier reunites with rescued pup from overseas

Soldier Reunites With Puppy She Saved From Dog-Catchers While Overseas

When 29-year-old Army Sergeant Charity Webb was working as a cook in Europe, she met a stray dog who had been wandering around the base. The dog eventually had puppies, one of whom was very shy around the soldiers. Webb quickly fell in love with the tiny pup, who also took a liking to her….

marine officer and canine reunion

U.S. Marine Officer and His Canine Partner Had An Emotional Reunion at Airport

There are few things more heartbreaking than having to leave a best friend behind. Sadly, for Marine Sergeant Jacob Barela, he knew this feeling all too well. After serving with his best canine partner, Barela had to return to the states and leave the canine officer behind. The two had been inseparable and when Barela…

dogsitter plays oboe for pug

Dogsitter Starts Playing Oboe For Pug & Dog Reacts With Pitch Perfect Song

Music can be very soothing to the soul, and that goes for animals, too. When 29-year-old Canadian resident Ron Cohen Mann and his husband were recently dogsitting a friend’s Pug, something very magical and musical happened. Ron is a professional oboist, and he decided to see how the 7-year-old Pug would react to hearing the…

walmart cashier reunited with dog

Walmart Cashier Hears Commotion At Store, Looks Up & Sees Her Long Lost Dog

June Rountree loves her 4-year-old dog, Abby, very much. When Rountree recently went to her backyard in Dothan, Alabama, to check on Abby, she was beside herself with shock. She looked all around and called out for Abby, but the black and white mutt was nowhere in sight. All that remained in the yard was…

Dog saves woman

Dog to the Rescue: Stray Dog Saves Woman from Getting Robbed

Dogs are lovely creatures; they’re compassionate, empathetic, and downright adorable. But dogs aren’t just adorable friends that roll around to make us happy, sometimes dogs can do some pretty brave and heroic things; this is one of those instances. Back in 2017, a video from Montenegro went viral. Here we see a woman minding her…

pregnant dog saves patients from fire

Pregnant Dog Saves 4 Patients When Fire Broke Out in Facility

There are countless stories of people rushing into burning buildings to save dogs from a blazing inferno, but there are also other heroes who walk into the face of danger. One of those heroes is a beautiful pregnant dog who risked her life to save four elderly patients at a hospice facility. When the fire…

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